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Fall 2017 at AU Press

Fall 2017 and 2008 Catalogue

Ten years ago, AU Press printed its first catalogue with an exciting mandate: All AU Press books would be available for free download from our website. AU Press was the first open access scholarly press in Canada and we have been working ever since our founding to reduce barriers to knowledge.

To celebrate this milestone, we are throwing it back and pairing titles from our very first catalogue with titles from our most recent catalogue.

Icon, Brand, Myth and Public Deliberation on Climate Change

Icon Brand Myth Calgary Stampede coverPublic Deliberation on Climate Change

This might seem like an unlikely pairing—a book about Alberta’s most iconic event and a book about climate policy in Alberta. But, as you see in Icon, Brand, Myth, there is more than one side to the Calgary Stampede and there is more than one side to Alberta. Icon, Brand, Myth studies the social phenomenon of the Calgary Stampede and how it contributes to Western Canada’s identity. Public Deliberation on Climate Change: Lessons from Alberta Climate Dialogue is the result of a five-year project called Alberta Climate Dialogue which brought Albertans together at four public deliberations. Alberta is a particularly interesting place to conduct such a study because of its complicated relationship with the oil and gas industry, government support of that industry, and previous public pushback against environmental regulations that might restrict profit. This book aims to help us find new ways to discuss and solve complex problems. Icon, Brand, Myth and Public Deliberation on Climate Change challenge pre-conceived notions of Alberta and Albertans.

Northern Rover and Amma’s Daughters

Nothern Rover coverAmmas DaughtersAU Press has always had an interest in often neglected forms of social and cultural history, including oral history and memoir. Northern Rover and Amma’s Daughters are both works of creative nonfiction that highlight voices that might have otherwise gone unheard. Written by A.L. Karras from Olaf Hanson’s collection of notes, Northern Rover follows Hanson’s incredible journey through Saskatchewan in the early 20th century. Amma’s Daughters is a work of re-memory as Meenal Shrivastava weaves together archival research and family history to tell the story of her mother and grandmother’s lives during the Indian nationalist movement. Both of these books draw on primary documents to recreate historical moments from a personal perspective.

The Theory and Practice of Online Learning and An Online Doctorate for Researching Professionals

Research Professionals coverTheory and Practice of Online Learning coverThe Theory and Practice of Online Learning is a complete guide to the world of online and education and is one of the most popular AU Press books published! Now that online education is well established, educators and learners are starting to look beyond undergraduate education to graduate and postgraduate studies. An Online Doctorate for Researching Professionals looks at one of these areas. This book presents a model for a doctoral program that bridges theory, research, and practice and is offered completely or largely online. Both of these titles are excellent resources for anyone working in higher education with an online component.


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