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The Open Book is the official blog of Athabasca University Press, an open access publisher in the humanities and social sciences committed to the removal of barriers to knowledge.
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  • No Ordinary Strike

    Jason Foster’s new book, Defying Expectations, is an account of the resilient United Food and Commercials Workers Local 401, a union that defied the odds in Alberta, a province that previously had some of the most antiunion labour laws in Canada. Defying Expectations revisits some......

  • Wicked Problem 4

    How do you know you have a wicked problem?

    A wicked problem has nothing to do with witches of the west or evils that may lurk in the world (fantastical or otherwise). It’s a difficult or maybe even impossible problem to solve. Our forthcoming book, Public Deliberation on Climate Change, helps readers determine what......

  • Book shelf

    The Newsletter: January

    Happy New Year, readers! AU Press is back in the office and ready for a productive 2018. Our calendars are already full of exciting events and conferences. Keep reading for a brief recap of what we’re looking forward to in 2018. New Releases Just before......

  • Untitled design

    Spring 2018 at AU Press

    As 2017 winds down, it’s the perfect opportunity to look ahead to the new year. Our Spring 2018 catalogue arrived in the office last week and we could not be more excited to share our forthcoming titles with you. We are exploring everything from Frankenstein......

  • Parliament_at_Sunset

    New Release: Under Siege

    Ian Bullock’s latest book, Under Siege: The Independent Labour Party in Interwar Britain examines the ideological battles within the Independent Labour Party during the tumultuous interwar period. By combing through newspapers, leaflets, and party documents, Bullock arrives at a detailed explanation of the most controversial......

  • Book shelf cropped_feature

    The Newsletter: November

    Welcome to the November edition of the Newsletter! Media The Teacher and the Superintendent was reviewed in History of Education! “The letters and diary entries of these missionaries are stark windows onto the ordinariness of colonisation and the horrific natural/unnaturalness of the destruction of indigenous......

  • Uncover The Facts on torn paper

    University Press Week Blog Tour 2017

    We are excited to be participating once again in the University Press Week blog tour. This year’s #UPWeek theme is #LookItUp: Knowledge Matters. Today, the blog tour is focusing on how social media has helped spread the word about important scholarship. Our contribution to the......

  • The Truth about Open Access Publishing

    Since Athabasca University Press was founded ten years ago as Canada’s first open access press, interest in open access publishing has increased significantly. In fact, several university presses in Canada are experimenting with open access publishing with all or some of their list. We thought......

  • Book shelf cropped_feature

    The Newsletter: October

    Welcome to the October edition of the Newsletter! New Release Under Siege: The Independent Labour Party in Interwar Britain will be released at the end of next month! Drawing extensively on the ILP’s Labour Leader and other contemporary left-wing newspapers, as well as on ILP......

  • [blog banner] Truth about Open Access Publishing 2

    Open Access Week in Canada

    Next week, AU Press will be celebrating Open Access Week, an international celebration of open access publishing, scholarship, and research. This year, we, AU Press, are also celebrating our tenth anniversary and so we are ten times as excited to be sharing this week with......

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