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University Press Week: The People in Our Neighbourhood

  • Meaghan Peuramaki-Brown
  • Bob Barnetson
  • Beth Perry
  • Jason Foster
  • Paul Kellogg
  • George Pavlich
  • Michael Lithgow
  • Asma Sayed
  • Alexa DeGagne
  • Saktinil Roy
  • Eric Strikwerda
  • Jon Dron
  • Veronica Thompson

About This Project

Happy University Press Week and welcome to the Open Book Blog, the official blog of Athabasca University Press. If you are joining us as part of the blog tour, we’d like to extend a special welcome to you.


The theme for this year’s University Press Week is community, something that is very important to us as a part of an online and distance university. Athabasca University has offices in three cities in Alberta, but the faculty are teaching and researching from the west coast of Canada to the east coast. Unlike many universities, we don’t have the chance to chat with the faculty and tutors in the hallways about what we’re working on, which is why our editorial committee meetings are so important. The AU Press editorial committee meets six times a year to discuss the manuscripts under consideration. This is an opportunity for the faculty to participate in a lively conversation about issues of scholarship.


So, in the spirit of community, we’d like to highlight our wonderful editorial committee members. Scroll through to see what AU Press books they are looking forward to reading and what other books they are currently reading.


Not pictured are Ernie Jacobson, Nancy Janovicek, Michael Dawson, and Pamela McCallum.


To continue the blog tour, check out Rutgers University Press, University of Toronto Press, Northwestern University Press, Fordham University Press, Seminary Co-op Bookstores, and University Press of Florida!